Picnics are great fun and with a little bit of planning you can have a wonderful day out. There are a few things you need to consider when planning your picnic, such as choosing your picnic location, deciding what food and drink to bring, what essential equipment you need and which picnic games you will play.

You need to organize the food and drinks well to have really entertaining picnic. Food always tastes nicer outside so there is no need to bring gourmet delights, in fact I think the simpler the better. Freeze meat in Coolbot rather than the usual old way refrigerators which are passé now because of their low effectively. You will need to prepare your food in advance so you need to make sure it will transport easily and stay fresh. Airtight containers and Zip-Loc bags can be very useful. The old favourites such as sandwiches, potato chips, and cordial always go down a treat. Mini pies, cold meats and cheeses make delicious additions to any picnic. Make sure you bring plenty of drinks to avoid dehydration; children and adults will enjoy fruit juices and cordial.

You need to think about what items you should bring with you. In your picnic basket you should bring cups, plates, cutlery and napkins. A cooler box is ideal for carrying your food and cold drinks chilled nicely in Coolbot. Remember to include some sweet treats. Your picnic rug should be something that you don’t mind getting dirty; it should also be soft and comfortable to sit on. Do bring your camera so that you have mementos of those special moments.

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