During hunting season, cooling meat is very important. Generally also, meat must be cooled fast enough. If a meat is not cooled then you may get gamey taste or meat gets spoiled completely. If you looking for meat cooler for your shop or may be for personal use, what can be better than ‘Coolbot’? There is no need to invest in an expensive new or used walk in cooler. Coolbot is a very convenient and inexpensive item. It allows you to keep fresh meat safe and healthy.

When an animal has been killed, usually its body temperature is 100°F. Bacteria multiply in temperature of 100°F. So it is important to get the meal cleaned, cut and chilled to 41°F as soon as possible. Cool down process for some large animals like Elk and Moose is exceptionally tough.  This needs to be done in the first hour ideally. This ensures safe meat for human consumption. Coolbot has great features than any other walk in cooler has. The Coolbot can transform any highly-insulated room into a walk-in cooler, and cool the room down to 32°F. This is perfect for hunting, because you can bring the carcass into a cooled room quickly and be able to store the meat (once packed) at the ideal temperature of 40°F.

For a fraction of the cost of a traditional walk-in cooler, a Coolbot will turn any brand of window air conditioner into a cooler. As it works with existing air conditioner and thermostatically controls the room to ideal temperature. It takes a few minutes to set up. It is very convenient and inexpensive. The Coolbot has even shown to keep a room at the right temperature with people walking in and out the room, or leaving a door open.  Now, you can enjoy fresh, safe and healthy meat without investing in an expensive new or used walk in coolers.

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