Hunting is a hobby for some and they like to eat to what they hunt. But the most important thing that hunters need to take care of is to cool down the temperature of the hunted body of the animal. People generally carry walk in coolers to keep the temperature of the body cool. To cool down the meat is very important, as meat get spoiled if not cooled fast and its taste also get bad or say not even worth tasting. So for keeping the meat cool, people used to buy walk in cooler room, which is very expensive, installation process is very tedious, and its maintenance and repair cost is also very high. So in order to solve this problem, there is a coolbot, which is cheap, easy to handle and maintenance free.

When the meat is killed, it is at the high temperature of 100 F, at which bacteria multiply at very higher rate and so it is necessary to bring down the temperature of the meat to 41F as soon as possible. So coolbot is a device which helps in fast cooling of the meat. It can transform any high insulted room into a walk in cooler and cool the room down to 32F. This is perfect for hunting, as it is easy to store the meat at the ideal temperature of 40F.

In short coolbot is cheap and ideal for hunting and preserving meat for a longer time.   

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