Good food and drink makes or breaks the party. The same is true for a beach party or even in a simple leisurely weekend planned to spend at the beach. Food is always among the necessities and requires a few extra planning steps for safety. Considering the most common problems people encounter with regards to bringing food outdoors or at the beach, Coolbot is the proper way of storing the food and how to preserve it especially if you are planning to stay overnight or for two days or more. Here are some helpful tips on the proper way of storing and preserving food for outdoor picnics, camping or partying at the beach.

The cooler is one of the most basic essentials used in storing and preserving food consumed outdoors. Coolbot, a new concept in play are particularly ideal for food that needs refrigeration like meat and processed meat products and dairy products. It is also ideal for food items and beverages that taste better when cool like soft drinks and beer. Large and good quality coolers can stores ice cubes for a week. There are also smaller coolers which you can plug into the power supply of your SUV or camper.

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